Melissa and I would like to say thank you for everyone’s prayers and concerns. At about 3:40 pm on Friday, September 23rd we had a fire at Taco Town that began in the kitchen cooking area from what possibly looks to be an equipment malfunction and it quickly spread. Many thanks to the Carthage Fire Department and first responders for their quick response and action as they did a great job at ensuring that everyone was safe and in getting the fire under control and out as quickly as possible. All customers and employees got out safely and no emergency personnel were injured during their response.


          We would like to tell you that we will re-open very shortly. However the fire, smoke and water damage is very extensive. It is going to take a while to determine our next steps. Our insurance agent was on site before the fire was even out (thanks Tony Williams) and we will be meeting with the insurance adjuster early next week. Tony has already begun helping us to line up possible contractors for construction once we know the full extent of the damage. When we have all of the information we will decide our next steps. With any luck and lots of prayers we will be able to rebuild and reopen in the near future.

Richard & Melissa McCune



Our Map 2A


Please print off the application, fill it out and drop it by Taco Town or mail it to Taco Town, 2230 Fairlawn Drive, Carthage, MO 64836.